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The Best Bond Backs

Everyone’s got their favorite James Bond: between Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig, each Bond has his own cadre of fans (we don’t talk about George Lazenby). You may have the Bond you like most, but have you ever thought of which one is the best?

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7 Worst Vacation Spots with a Hairy Back

You can find plenty of wonderful vacation spots around the world to visit, but sometimes there are limitations. Here are some of the worst vacation spots for those who don’t shave their back hair:

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Why Women Don’t Want a Silverback

Being a silverback gorilla at the office may have its perks, but at home, no woman wants an ape. Chest hair can work for women, and the right facial hair can make a world of difference (personally, I love a nice trim goatee) – but we don’t want to see or touch you when you look and feel like a dorsal gorilla.

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