7 Worst Vacation Spots with a Hairy Back

Posted by Adam Schwartz on

By Olaf Magnusson

You can find plenty of wonderful vacation spots around the world to visit, but sometimes there are limitations. Just like how you shouldn’t go to Georgia if you have a peanut allergy or you shouldn’t climb Mount Everest if you’re afraid of heights, here are some of the worst vacation spots for those who don’t shave their back hair:

Paris – You’ll try to enjoy the city and take in the art, but if you decided against back shaving you’ll spend all your time in the Louvre thinking about manscape rather than landscape art. Get the right back hair razor and avoid the problem altogether.

Maui – Pristine water, soft sands, the delightful spray of the Pacific sea breeze…and you with a fur coat on in the water. Without proper back hair removal, you won’t dry easy so you’ll be late to the luau – and while you wait longer to go from wet to dry, your back tan will be horribly uneven. Dry easy and tan right with a back shaver.

Pompeii – If Mount Vesuvius erupts again and you didn’t bring a back hair body razor with you, future archaeologists will always refer to you as “Human/Bear Hybrid Trapped in Lava”. Don’t be a mystery to history. Bring a body groomer.

New Zealand – We know the movies have been over for a while, but don’t slip into your swim trunks to enjoy a summer dip in December. People will just assume they’ve started filming Lord of the Rings again and try to figure out what character you are.

San Francisco – Your hair will stand on end when you see rent prices, and without a good male body shaver, that’s A LOT of hair. You should only experience a close shave with your back and not with your wallet.

Oregon – A full body wax is the wrong way to go for pain free back hair removal. Bring a back razor for men if you don’t want people to think Bigfoot’s returned.

The Pyramids – You ever noticed how African elephants don’t have hair, unlike their woolly mammoth relatives? Exactly.

Don’t be a hirsute holidaygoer. Find the right men’s back hair remover method so you can enjoy your trip of a lifetime just how it should be. With a cleanshaven back, you make your vacation memorable for all the right reasons.