Can Love Conquer a Hairy Back?

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By Aaron Conners

They say love conquers all, through thick and thin – but I think that was always meant figuratively. “Thick” refers to good times, not to a nest of hair coating my back.

When Eric and I first saw each other, it really was that cheesy love at first sight deal. We’d swapped numbers, and we would text all through the workday, and about a month after we started texting we began meeting for drinks after work, and that turned into dinner, and the attraction remained very innocent but all very potent.

We took it slow, but on the first day of summer Eric made the bold move of inviting me to the pool at his apartment complex. I was nervous, and he was nervous, and though I didn’t mean to, I threw all those nerves out the window. He was going to put sunscreen on me, and I was going to return the favor, but as soon as my shirt was off he just stood there, dollop of sunscreen in hand, and the look on his face wasn’t disgust but derision. I asked him what was going on, and he simply asked, “Bro, shave much?”

I didn’t know my hairy back was a shameful secret. It was so much and such a shock that for a moment I’d been bro-zoned.

I’d never thought about my back hair. Yes, it was annoying at times, yes, it took more effort to dry after the shower or the pool, but I hadn’t really given it much thought. I wasn’t opposed to having a body groomer, but a full back wax wasn’t my idea of hassle free and pain free back hair removal, and my razor has a nice ergonomic handle, but that’s designed for my face, not reaching around my back. And Nair or hair removal pads – what’s up with that? So back hair was just a part of life for me, for better or worse, just like the dimple on my chin or the way I can’t help but purse my lips when I’m annoyed.

Eric likes the dimple and thinks my annoyed look is impossibly cuter than it actually is. And while there are many who find no fault in those of us who shun back shavers, it turns out that if you’re not a back hair fan, then you REALLY don’t like back hair.

Eric and I have been going strong for six years now. There’s more to me than my back hair, and there’s more to him than that smirk when he first saw me take my shirt off, but the fact that I’ve become a bit of a manscaper and discovered a razor extension that acts as an easy and flawless back hair remover (it's called BAKblade), a close shave on my back has become no problem for me and an utter delight for Eric. We fell quickly for each other before I’d ever considered a body shaver, and there’s more to our lasting attraction than me shaving my back, but having a great back blade has helped us fall for each other day after day all over again. I don’t really know if love conquers all, but I’ve conquered my back hair, and our life together is all the better for it.