A Slice of Independence Day with a Side of Freedom Fries cause... 'Merica

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Happy 4th!


July 4th, 2018 marks the 242nd year since “ We the People”, declared our independence from the crown of England. 

Armed with a list of grievances the American colonists came to a shaky consensus and signed the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd,1776 positioning themselves in direct defiance of their parent nation. 

In a complete understatement, you could say that adolescent America turned teenager, complete with attitude, rebelliousness, and a know-it-all smirk on their face. Luckily they survived this,"coming-of-age" and here we are today. 

...Ameri-CANS not Ameri-CAN'TS

After nearly 250 years we as a nation face many challenges our founding fathers could never have predicted along with many issues still unresolved since we started this great experiment.

We have always been a nation comprised of citizens that have fundamental differences in opinion as to how we should approach our governance. BUT... what we tend to forget is all of that passion from both sides of the aisle comes from the SHARED LOVE of our nation present in every American. 

For all of our differences we as a people hold a common desire to see the USA  thrive and grow through adversity to become something greater than it was before . Regardless of your ideas on how we get there, the point is we all want the same thing in the end. 

...We're all Red, White, and Blue..on the inside

This Independance Day try remember that we are all in this together and let's celebrate THAT this July 4th, 2018.  Let us raise our cups, bottles, or glasses  to our unique strengths and unifying pride in our nation.

 Happy Birthday 'Merica!

..and if that doesn't do it for ya here are a few reminders that it could always be worse.

10 Independence Day  thoughts to take with you...

                                                                 ...you're welcome.

10. Shower of Power

Yeah ... it was going to be here somewhere. let's just get this out of the way ...

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9. Because... Yes.

 ...sometimes ya gotta shake it off


8. Why do we Celebrate?

Cringe worthy but important to put into perspective. These are the people that decide our nations fate with a vote. 

7.  What's the Worst that Could Happen?

"Here, hold my beer..."


 6. The Patriot

The Chops, the Handle-Bars, Old Glory never felt more at home.

hairy 4th of july - 8244263424

  5. You seem distracted...

..and a dose of patriotism ..raw and uncensored

Image result for 4th of july memes inspiring

 4. Captain Awe...SON!

..um ... the slow mow tho...

 3. The Best ...

well... they're not wrong...but they ain't right, neither.

4th of July fails drive teachers crazy_Bored Teachers 1

2. Burn Unit

...and could no one have predicted this would go horribly wrong :/ 

(**note: no one was seriously injured during the... who are we kidding... we have no idea what Mr. Crotch Rocket is up to nowadays, but pretty certain this stunt led to an ER trip or a dirt nap. DO NOT REPEAT**) 


  1. The July 4th Fails that WON the internet 2018...


.and the final thought to remeber what and who we celebrate...Thank you to all of our military and their families serving presently or in the past. Freedom is not free and you pay the balance for us all. God Bless

Have a safe and Happy 4th.



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