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Posted by Benjamin Seifried on

The results are IN!

You guys!... Our faithful customers ... it is only because of you that you make such things possible  

I give to you...

the masculinity manual...  

                                                                               the gentleman's guide to being a dude... by any other name it will still be presented here as The BAKblog.

Recently we came up with the idea to send out a survey and get your feedback as rolled up our sleeves to dive head first into creating a blog space.  Questions like, "What types of content would speak to your needs and intersts?".

After weeks of waiting for your input we came to an overwhelming consensus. Something that we could ALL agree on here at the BAKblade Headquarters.


= we all  realized that the only option was to buckle down, roll up our sleeves and make this thing work. Naturally we outsourced,  

 So here we are. We hope that in the weeks and months to come you might join us on this exciting adventure together.

Come on in. Sit a spell. Don't be nervous… (all the cool kids are doing it!)

So an unlikely innovation recently took the man-grooming world by storm. Yes… in an act of shameless self-promotion I give you ..the BAKblade!! ..blade..blade...lade..ade..de..

So here we are.

Brought to you by BAKblade we present to you The BAKblog.

Here we are aiming to put together a collection of problems and solutions men face along with some inspiration and humour to keep life balanced and in focus.

This is an ever changing experiment and we invite you, our customers turned readership to join us on this journey.

Make sure to follow along. Share with your Social Media friends. Oh!.. and sign up below for our Monthly Newsletter starting soon that will curate the best of the best published here and across the internet. Collected for your convenience in and easy to digest page sent straight to your inbox.

Have something to say? What do you love about us? Where do you see opportunity for us to improve. Make sure to start or engage in the comment sections or Contact Us for any questions or concerns.

Interested in contributing content? We are always interested in posts from guest contributors. As long as you are bringing value to your fellow readers. Contact us and we can go into greater detail to see if it would be a great fit for us both!.

Current Categories being formed include:


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